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Hydrogen powertrain

Development of ships and propulsion systems based on green hydrogen, using either hydrogen or hydrogen carrier fuel and fuel cells to generate electrical energy, batteries to store the energy and serve for peak load management and electric motor for propulsion, as well as development of a compatible hydrogen supply chain and bunkering system. Main goal is to reduce well-to-wake carbon footprint and create a green ecosystem for maritime transportation.

  • / hydrogen

  • / green energy

  • / ship propulsion

  • / sustainability

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Hydrogen Powertrain 01

Autonomous ships

Development of an unmanned ship with a fully autonomous navigation system, including all related software and hardware. Increased safety, less possibility for human error, improved cost effectiveness, and more efficient usage of space onboard.

  • / autonomy

  • / safety

  • / navigation system

  • / unmanned ship

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Autonomous Ships 02

Environmental technologies

Development of innovative environmentally friendly technologies for treatment of non-recyclable municipal and hazardous waste. Efficient waste to energy conversion by plasma gasification. Hazardous material sterilization transforms environmentally dangerous waste into common municipal waste. Innovative battery recycling process with a high degree of raw material extraction for further reuse.

  • / plasma gasification

  • / sterilization

  • / battery recycling

  • / clean energy

  • / waste to energy

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Environmental Technologies 03

Digital technologies

Providing next-level digital solutions for the maritime sector, such as smartship and smartport solutions enabling digital transformation of maritime industry targeting automation, vision technology, modern sensors and digital connectivity.

  • / smart ship

  • / smart port

  • / digital technology

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Digital Technologies 04

ACI Marina Rijeka

ACI marina Rijeka is one of a kind example targeting next level digital technologies for a smart marina with highest security and safety standards, best service quality, efficient management, simple and fast user interface for great user experience in a 100% green and sustainable environment.

  • / smart marina

  • / digital technologies

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Porto Baroš 05